F*** Goals. Set Intentions

In an age in which most people seem to measure their own worth by how overworked they are - there's little or no time to talk about the feelings. Sadly, this is why we feel as we could have been, done and achieved so much more by the end of yet another New Years Eve.


The New Year tends to fill our wild hearts with ambitions, new ideas and promises we rarely keep to our own selves six months down the line.

What makes you think that this or next year will be any different? 

Are we that bad, lazy or not trustworthy? 

Or is it that our personal plans simply suck? 

 There is nothing wrong with our goals. It's the way we set those goals is what causes stress, disappointment, or feeling like a failure when we don't achieve things we swore we would.

To me focusing on concrete goals I aim to achieve feels so pushed, forced and pressured in a way. My brain literally feels like a scrambled eggs just by thinking about all of this!

Make more money by so and so month. Get that promotion. Lose that weight. Tick those travels off my bucket list. Meet the love of my life. 

 I knew there must be another way to go about this. 

Good news is - there is!

What if this year you stopped focussing on internal goals (to-do lists, bucket lists, mathematical plans?) All of which happens outside yourself anyway. 

 Because have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? (worry, stress, pain, and pleasure?)

I personally know of no such person. Because everything you'll ever experience happens inside of you.

So how would you like to feel? 

 In other words, how would you want to experience everything on the inside? 

More freedom! 
Love. Passion. 
Feeling fresh, rich, sexy, creative, appreciated. 

As I started to shift focus on how I wanted to feel, magic happened.  I felt a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

When instead of focusing on unexciting goals that felt like chores, I started to think how much more energized, happy, alive, loved I wanted to feel- I started to find refreshing ways to feel just that.
 Is that simple!

In a nutshell, when you get clear on how you want to feel you will have a new way to make things rolling in your life. 

Here is why:

By doing so, the whole Universe starts expanding. You will intentionally seek how to create those feelings for yourself. You might surprise yourself with some new choices. Starting from what gets to be put on your body, what goes inside your body, the people you hang out with, the gifts you give and receive, the thoughts you allow to stay in your mind. 

When you know what feelings you're after, you may see yourself going after different things, and you may be going after them in a way you haven't done before. How do you want to feel when you leave your bed each morning? How would you like to feel when you look at your calendar for the week/month? When you wear your outfit for the day? When you walk in your workplace? When your phone rings? When you get paid? When you finish that project you've been working on? When you complete that thing, make that money, or fall in love?

With that in mind, if you stay truthfully loyal to your feelings, you'll never be lost again. You'll be able to pull off that dusty curtain and clearly see how to live boldly.  You'll start making more empowered choices. You'll not end up in the places, relationships or situations that don't bring you feelings your heart desires the most. 

Trust your heart. It knows what'sup. Just as it knows which pair to pick when you are shopping for shoes, same goes which way to go, what answer to give. 

Live passionately and never lose sight of how you want to feel. Heading towards your feel-good feelings will revolutionize the way you experience life.

Best of luck,