Why changing your Life Goals is a Good Idea

In today's world, you are suffocating in choices either you want it or not. You become the magnet for so many possibilities the second you leave your doorstep. 

You see, hear or get to know something inspiring every single day. And if so- why remain the same? Why hold on to the ideas that no longer speak to your soul? Be it a job you should take or a guy you should date. 

It's one of those moments when you stand in the wildly jam-packed intersection- trying not to spill your skinny cappuccino or trip in those strappy shoes, you stop. You check your phone. You've got 15 seconds to be exact, to check all those blinking, buzzing notifications until the red signal turns back to a green again. You start walking again.


 And then...there's this bittersweet thought pulling you towards the wannabe land of sparkles, magic and everything dreamy as you scroll down that Insta feed for the third time today. Desire, jealousy or inspiration creeps in. 

Few caffeine sips later you wish you were having tequila, limes and good times. Laying down on a white sanded beach wearing the sexiest bikini you own next to the tanned man of your dreams. 

Do you feel me on that?

You have this idea of the picture-perfect life. However blurred around the edges this picture may be, you wish for a second it could be yours. 


And then you catch yourself thinking - " there has to be something more than this." Because you don't want your life to become a script you no longer want to follow.

You don't have to put a stamp on our life. You just have to be open-minded enough to breathe in the inspiration wherever it may come from and don't be afraid to see where it leads.

And as we do that, we progress, we sync with an ever-changing world and life becomes easier, happier place to live.  That's the goal after all, right?