End Hate. Learn Patience And Faith.

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Thanks to the technological evolution of the instant gratification our generation is more depressed than ever. Because the world where we live in is under constant pressure to be and do more.

Is this idea - that the things we crave for have to manifest in our lives immediately - is what destroys our self-esteem and confidence in the long run.

We no longer understand the concept of patience and faith. We get obsessed with speeding things up, looking for shortcuts to save time and money.

As a result, we become more desperate than ever. We start questioning ourselves even more, therefore, killing any chances of achieving our goals. All because we attach our self-worth to external rewards or their lack of.

And just when things can't get any worse, one morning you scroll down your feed discovering that somebody else has gotten that promotion you wanted, has started your gluten-free cookie business, has written that self -help book, or launched your dream product/service online.

They are proudly collecting victories in their professional and personal lives flashing it all over their social media channels making you feel lower than ever.

And although we wish them well, if they are our friends, somehow it gets more difficult to swallow yet another declaration of someone's success. Because it's easier to compare. Because it feels better to judge. Because it feels liberating to gossip. And by doing so, we get in the mood to ruin our lives, literally. Furthermore, we're poisoning our mind completely eliminating whats even possible for us at this stage.

" Somebody else got mine."

" There's never be enough of anything to go around."

Because somewhere along the way you've convinced yourself that you've been robbed when you haven't, in fact, been robbed.

You forget that the success of others is an example of what's possible. If someone else can do it, you can do it too. You can cherish others for their achievements acknowledging the fact that there is plenty of room for everyone including you.

You can choose to believe that you are neither a slave to the evolution of the social media nor its master. Be its partner.

When you shift these thoughts to the partnership instead, when you're ready to work with the idea of what's possible for you, you experience immediate relief. The life as you know it, will start to unfold in unexpected ways.

Because underneath it all, the truth is that - your life and your path is one of a kind. It's not a race, it's a journey that cannot be compared to others. Because we are on different timelines. The timeline to our own victories can't be measured by a certain age, amount of time, religion or education.

Your and my journeys are never meant to be the same. It doesn't mean there will be less left for you if I'll get there first. We can't arrive there together because it's not in our powers to control the circumstances, law of nature, the Universe or the gods.

We've got to be learning patience and faith boldly trusting our journey that no matter what, we'll get there whenever the time is right. Because everything happening around you is happening for you. Even if you don't understand it yet.

Therefore don't pressure yourself to tick yet another goal off your checklist thinking that everything needs to happen right now this moment. Don't rage at the gods above. Don't put the hate on destiny. Don't overthink that there is something wrong with you because there is nothing wrong with you.

Everything needs to happen at its own speed. It's a rocky road of thousand steps each closer to the ultimate place you want to reach.

Work with all your heart. Show up for your work day after day with stubbornness and trust, and I promise that one day you'll wake up feeling more accomplished, completed, and whole. One day you'll proudly share your idea, your invention with the world too. Or you'll choose not to because approval of others will no longer matter.

What matters the most, there'll be no more internal demons to fight, no more painful detours to make and the whole future will look a whole lot better.

But it starts now with letting go off the idea of having it all this instant. Do your part and Universe will do its part. Because everything happening around you is happening for you.

With love and faith,