It’s taken me 29 years and many past lives to know that life is too short to be stuck with “could haves, “would haves,” and “should haves.”

I'm just a millennial girl who credits a small-town upbringing to my irresistible curiosity, globe-trotting, and passion for human relationships. I'm a girl who said yes to living abroad because the grass seemed juicer on the other side.  Every buzzing cell within my body absorbed everything I could grasp from places: that handmade spaghetti and built Vespa. In the siesta-loving island that eats paella. To the places that you can not go a day without a macaroon or croissant.  And even across the Atlantic where the happy people live and invent such things like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber.

My wanderlust for everything foreign created a " specific attitude " how in today's " look at me" world do I not lose my spiked heels and stay true to myself. 

The world is changing faster than you can blink, so it makes perfect sense to adapt. ( Unless you live in a cave, then you get everyone's permission to remain the same.)

Enough said, let’s dive into the nourishing content of self-love and crack the code to have it all…and the most of all have fun along the way!


It's a survival kit for a Millennial Cosmopolitan girl that knows there's more to life than just a perfectly curated Instagram feed.


I deliver everything you need to know through my zesty posts that include trending view on relationships, attitude towards life, jobs, men and the most important relationship that you'll ever have - that's with you. 


So many of my girlfriends are global, this is why I share the must-know insights I’ve gathered from meeting dazzling women all over the world.  Women that have earsplitting, eye-popping, jaw-droppingly good stories and vibrant lessons to teach.

I have to be honest; I don't have a '' secret formula ''- in a shape of a mind-numbing pill to swallow and make things better instantly. If that's what you're looking for, then well, we all wish it was that easy.

 But I can indeed prescribe something notably more effective!

These are the messages that I feel women need to know and get reminded the most. I also share bits of my very own story that, as per any, has left a few wounds to lick. We are all humans here!

You have to stay " hungry" to have an appetite for life. And there’s nothing worse than living with a stinky regretful taste in your mouth that you could have been and done so much more. 

I hope that with this blog, there'll be one less bitter soul on the go.


We are always be progressing. We continuously always grow and evolve.

 Let's do it together! 

 I promise it’ll keep your ball rolling and world spinning. 

Sharing is caring, so when you're ready, I'd love to hear your story as well. Because this blog isn’t about how to make it in another country. This blog is about drinking a well-deserved champagne after you've taken a massive risk. After you've placed the biggest bet on the table, that is your heart.